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Posted on 02/18/2019
How to Plant a Rain Garden
This shallow catch basin is the perfect destination for collecting (and using!) rainwater to prevent puddles in your...
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Posted on 02/11/2019
Detector Check
A new year means new...
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Posted on 01/14/2019
Paint a Graphic Pattern on Your Floor
Use an oversize geometric pattern to give a traditional entry a lively...
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Posted on 12/31/2018
Sneak Peek: Brookline puddingstone
Our mid-century modern gets an updated perimeter...
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Posted on 11/26/2018
Memorable Moments: Ask This Old House
Yes, you can replace your own damaged...
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Posted on 11/05/2018
The Question We Hear Most: How Does This Old House Choose Projects?
Executive producer Chris Wolfe explains what kind of house makes good...
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Posted on 10/15/2018
How to Prevent Slips and Falls in Icy Weather
A few pointers from the pros at TOH, including some smart ways...
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Posted on 10/08/2018
Keep Basements Mold-Free
Planning to create or redo a below-grade living space? Finished basements are vulnerable to damage from storm-water intrusions, leaking pipes and hot-water tanks, or simply high humidity. Lower the risk of mold or mildew taking hold by remodeling with materials made to shake off damp...
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