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Bathroom Design Strategies That Increase The Value Of Your Home

by Marty Piatkowski 12/15/2018

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When it comes to adding value to your property, the experts in real estate will agree that beautiful bathrooms are a big plus in fueling buyer interest and higher offers.

Buyers often dread the work, mess, and expense of bathroom remodels and are often willing to pay a higher price to have it turnkey and done for them. And with today’s low interest rates, paying just a little higher price for move in ready has a small impact on their monthly payment.

If you aren’t currently remodeling to sell, it’s still a good idea to plan your bathroom upgrade as if you were, in order to ensure a solid future return on your investment.

Look at what’s popular, and yet will also be classic enough to stand the test of time. Bright colors, flashy motifs and trendy designs are fun, but will you ultimately grow weary of it and will it look dated a few years from now?

Models homes are a fun and excellent source of ideas for design, builders typically have to be strategic about their budget and know exactly what features create the “Wow Factor” without breaking the bank. Start a folder with your favorite pictures and fixtures. When you meet with your contractor you can give them your grand vision and then winnow it down to the budget as needed.

It’s expensive and invasive to do your bathroom makeover, so many contractors recommend having your complete plan organized and all fixtures, flooring, and necessary materials gathered before beginning the project. This can eliminate lengthy delays with a bathroom that is unusable as you wait for any needed fixtures to arrive. Getting ahead of this will allow your project to go smoothly!

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